Championship Show 2019 - Photos

2019 - the first year the club has held its Championship Show in July and in conjunction with the prestigious North Of The Harbour cluster of shows. An excellent day was enjoyed by all

(We have permission from the photographer to use her photos!)

Laurie and Angela Swain with their winnings for BIS Glenboyd Tarn Thirza.Judge Mrs Rita Francis-Little.

BIS winner Glenboyd Tarn Thirza

RUBIS Guilcroft Early At The Croft, P & Mr G Harding

(l) Mrs Di Cross, (r) Ms Kathryn Smith with their donated print for the BIS winner - a lovely print originally belonging to Robert Bartram

Getting it all sorted before the show begins!

Trophy Table

More trophies and prizes - we have our President Dr Penny Mead to thank for the wonderful job she does in putting together the most brilliant prizes to go with our perpetual trophies


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